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Vincent Lyn


In Chinese, "Forever winning" translates to "Yong Sheng." This is the Chinese name of Vincent Lyn, who has a diverse background. Born to a Chinese father and a British mother, Vincent also goes by his English name, Sir Vincent Raymond Percival Lyn. When you meet Vincent, you immediately sense that he is someone worth getting to know. As you delve deeper into his story, you become increasingly impressed.

Vincent was born in Aden, Yemen, where his father, an aircraft engineer with the British Royal Air Force (R.A.F), was stationed. The Lyn family's journey took them to Ethiopia, Khartoum (Sudan), Algeria, the Netherlands, and finally, England. Vincent's global adventures continued as he immigrated to the United States at the age of 16 and later moved to Hong Kong after completing his university studies.

In the realm of martial arts, Vincent Lyn embarked on his journey at the tender age of 8. Under the guidance of his uncle, he delved into the art of Tai Chi, later becoming a master in his family's unique style known as Ling Gar Kung Fu (or Lyn). Vincent's prowess extends beyond the mastery of Kung Fu; he holds the esteemed rank of a 10th-degree Black Sash Sifu and has garnered invitations to conduct martial art workshops worldwide.

Renowned martial artist Jackie Chan himself has lauded Vincent as one of the finest fighters he has ever collaborated with. The year 2007 marked a significant milestone as Vincent was invited as a special guest to the inaugural Martial Arts Olympics East-West Open in St. Petersburg, Russia. In a dazzling opening ceremony witnessed by 20,000 spectators, Vincent showcased his exceptional martial art skills. To the audience's surprise, he also treated them to a piano solo, adding an extra layer to his multifaceted talents.

Vincent's contributions to martial arts have earned him a place of honor in various Martial Arts Halls of Fame. Among his accolades are the Grandmaster of the Year award from the World Martial Arts Hall of Fame and a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Action Martial Arts Magazine Hall of Fame. Notably, in 2019, Vincent received the prestigious Legend Award for Who's Who in the Martial Arts, solidifying his status as a luminary in the martial arts world.

In the realm of acting, Vincent's journey began in his youth when he immersed himself in the study of poetry, prose, and elocution at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in England. Upon relocating to the United States, he honed his acting skills in New York for several years. Following his university graduation, Vincent ventured to Hong Kong, eager to explore a career in acting. Drawing upon his martial arts expertise, he seamlessly integrated his skills into the world of cinema.

Vincent's cinematic debut came in the form of the movie "Tiger Cage," directed by the internationally acclaimed filmmaker Yuen Woo Ping, known for his contributions to iconic films like The Matrix, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Charlie's Angels, and Kill Bill. This marked the beginning of Vincent's successful foray into the film industry. "Tiger Cage" resonated strongly in the Asian market, catapulting Vincent into high demand and leading to significant roles in over 30 movies.

One noteworthy highlight of his film career includes portraying a lead villain opposite the martial arts superstar Jackie Chan in "Operation Condor." Vincent's contributions to the cinematic world have not gone unnoticed. He received the prestigious Fists of Legends "Hong Kong Legends Cinema Award" at the Urban Action Showcase Expo in New York, sponsored by HBO/Cinemax. Further recognition came with his induction into the World Martial Arts Hall of Fame, where he was honored as the Best Martial Arts Actor of the Year.

In the realm of music, Vincent's connection to the arts extends from his maternal side. His mother, a classical pianist who began teaching piano at the age of eleven, ignited Vincent's passion for music. This passion led him to graduate from the prestigious Boston Conservatory of Music, where he majored in piano performance and composition.

Vincent's musical talent extended beyond classical training; he delved into the world of Canto-pop, composing songs for recording artists with PolyGram Records. Two of his creations soared to the top ten hits, showcasing his versatility in the music industry.

A significant milestone in Vincent's musical journey occurred in 2011 when he delivered his debut performance at Carnegie Hall. This marked the beginning of a series of successful performances, aligning with the release of his CD "Heaven Bound." Recognized as one of the Top Ten Albums of the Year for Unsigned Artists and a Top 40 Jazz Album of the Year, Vincent continued to make waves with his second jazz album, "Wing Sing," which received four nominations in the Grammy Ballot. Vincent's musical prowess garnered praise from The Wall Street Journal, which hailed him as a "Master of martial and musical arts." His live album, "Vincent Lyn Live in New York City," earned 5-star reviews and secured the #12 spot on the World Jazz Charts for eight consecutive weeks.,

In 2015, Vincent collaborated with Grammy Award-winning flutist Wouter Kellerman and other exceptional musicians for a performance at Carnegie Hall, showcasing music from around the world. His most recent Carnegie Hall Concert on December 2, 2022, served as a benefit for orphaned and displaced children of Ukraine. Additionally, Vincent released an immersive album titled "Elysian Eclipse," featuring eight original compositions, each accompanied by stunning video environments—a testament to his continuous innovation in the realm of music.In addition to his diverse career, Vincent Lyn has also made a mark as an author with three published books. His first work, "The Ling Gar Legacy - Kung Fu in the Real World," delves into his family martial arts heritage. The second book, "Childhood Lost," reflects his humanitarian perspective as he searches for solutions in a perilous world. "Generation Hope," his third book, compiles optimistic opinions from the voices of young individuals who aspire for a better future.

Currently, Vincent is actively engaged in the creation of his fourth book, titled "Why Peace is Unattainable." This forthcoming work promises to contribute to the discourse on the challenges surrounding the pursuit of peace.

In the realm of social justice, Vincent Lyn serves as the Director of Creative Development for African Views, an NGO charitable organization associated with the United Nations. The organization's mission encompasses identifying and bridging cultural gaps, facilitating the enhancement of social and economic ties, and promoting global partnerships for advancements in the humanities.

With a specific focus on cultural sustainability and harmony, African Views undertakes projects such as cultural exchange programs and panel discussions in crucial areas such as health, education, environment, and the economy. In his capacity, Vincent has actively presented his firsthand "on the ground" observations and research to contribute to the initiatives of African Views.

Sir Vincent Lyn has assumed the role of Director of Creative Development and a position on the Board of Directors for the African Views Organization, which holds Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) status at the United Nations. His involvement includes leading conferences at Parliament and the United Nations, where he actively contributes to discussions on economic and social issues.

In addition to his work with African Views, Sir Vincent founded a nonprofit organization called "We Can Save Children." The organization is dedicated to rescuing and recovering children in Africa and the Middle East, whether they are orphans, refugees, facing poverty or caught in conflict zones. The overarching mission is to safeguard and support these children by providing essential aid, including funds, resources, and guidance to ensure their survival.

What sets Sir Vincent's efforts apart is his hands-on approach. He doesn't just donate money; he immerses himself in the field for months at a time, actively participating in the rescue of children from slavery, preventing starvation, and combating deadly diseases. Through "We Can Save Children," he not only offers immediate assistance but also provides access to education, opening doors to a brighter future and instilling hope in the lives of these children—many experiencing hope for the first time.

The impact of Sir Vincent's humanitarian work is evident in the recognition he received. On December 10, 2019, World Human Rights Day, he was honored as one of the 'Top 100 Human Rights Defenders' by the IHRC International Human Rights Commission, alongside esteemed colleagues from around the world. His commitment to human rights was further acknowledged in 2022 when he was appointed Deputy Ambassador of, further solidifying his dedication to making a positive difference on a global scale.

Over the last decade, Sir Vincent Lyn has embarked on numerous missions that have taken him across the globe, including destinations such as Thailand, Myanmar, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Lebanon, South Sudan, and most recently, Ukraine. In April and July of 2022, he played a pivotal role in a Humanitarian Aid & Rescue Mission in Ukraine, collaborating with two NGOs in Latvia and Ukraine. This mission aimed to deliver crucial medical supplies and rescue families, providing them safe passage to Latvia.

Sir Vincent's commitment extended to addressing the Houses of Parliament in London, where he shed light on the atrocities committed against the civilian population of Ukraine. More recently, he joined forces with the U.K.-based foundation 'Help Children Now,' contributing to the logistical aspects of rescuing and recovering 30 members of an Afghan female cycling team along with their nuclear families. Against formidable odds, he facilitated their journey from Afghanistan, through Pakistan, and safely resettled them in England, where they were welcomed with open arms.

Amidst the ongoing conflicts in Ukraine and, more recently, in Gaza, Sir Vincent has actively facilitated the transportation of large shipments of medical aid and provided assistance to families on the ground. His unwavering dedication to humanitarian efforts continues to make a significant impact in regions affected by conflict and crisis.

Under the theme "Stories of Survival," my personal journey of resilience has been woven into collaborative narratives featuring survivors from diverse cultures and backgrounds. Together, we take a unified stance on the pressing issues that impact our world. You can find my story and those of other survivors at:

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