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We Can Save Children is a 501c3 nonprofit organization rooted in exactly what the name says - Saving Children.

Whether these children are orphans, refugees, or just poverty stricken, our primary mission is to protect and provide aid to these at risk children no matter where in the world they may be.  Our goal is to provide funds, resources and guidance to help these children survive.


Our African Child Initiative is currently focusing on a local community based project in Uganda. This project supports almost 1,000 of Uganda's most vulnerable children across 3 different facilities. We help provide food, shelter, clothing and an education for all of these children as well as important vocational skills which will serve them throughout their life, and you can help too. 


You can help us show love, give hope, and make a difference in the lives of these children.  


We Can Save Children was born out of desire to make a difference.  Vincent Lyn had been working a close protection security job in West Africa where he was exposed to children who had just been rescued from child trafficking and slavery. He decided at that moment he wanted to do something more. 


As he started promoting awareness and raising money for his rescue and recovery project of these trafficked children, he has been contacted by many people and local CBOs in Africa looking for help.  One of these contacts was in Uganda.  Wanting to see the situation in person, Vincent Lyn and partner Kim Griffin traveled to Kampala to meet with this local based project.  Seeing children starving to death, suffering from disease, struggling to survive, and just wanting to be loved had a profound impact on Vincent and Kim and they both knew they must do more. 


We Can Save Children was formed to truly make a difference in the lives of the most vulnerable, exposed and at risk children around the world - saving children from slavery, saving children from starvation, saving children from dying from disease, giving children access to an education and an opportunity for a better future, giving them love and giving them hope. 

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