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We Can Save Children is a 501c3 nonprofit organization rooted in exactly what the name says - Saving Children.

Regardless of whether these children are orphaned, displaced, or living in poverty, our core mission is to safeguard and assist these vulnerable individuals regardless of their location worldwide. Our aim is to allocate funds, provisions, and guidance to aid these children in their survival.


Our Palestinian initiative currently concentrates on local communities in Lebanon, Syria, and Gaza. This endeavor supports thousands of Palestinian children who are among the most vulnerable, providing them with essential necessities such as food, shelter, clothing, and education. Additionally, it equips them with valuable vocational skills that will benefit them throughout their lives. You too can contribute to this cause.


By joining us, you can help spread love, ignite hope, and make a meaningful impact in the lives of these children.


The genesis of We Can Save Children arose from a profound yearning to enact change. Vincent Lyn's pivotal moment came while working in close protection security roles in Ghana and Kenya, where he encountered children recently liberated from the clutches of trafficking and slavery. It was then that he resolved to take more substantial action.

As he began advocating for awareness and fundraising for the rescue and rehabilitation of these trafficked children, he received numerous inquiries from individuals and local community-based organizations across Africa seeking assistance. One such connection led him to James Kofi Annan, the founder of Challenging Heights in Ghana. This organization is dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating children while also fostering community awareness to combat child trafficking.

Driven by a desire to witness the situation firsthand, Vincent Lyn journeyed to Ghana to collaborate with this grassroots project. Witnessing the dire consequences of child slavery—children starving, afflicted by disease, fighting for survival, and yearning for affection—left an indelible mark on him, compelling him to take further action.

We Can Save Children was established with a singular purpose: to profoundly impact the lives of the world's most vulnerable, exposed, and endangered children. Our mission is to rescue children from slavery, combat starvation, prevent children from succumbing to disease, provide access to education, cultivate opportunities for a brighter future, and above all, offer them love and hope.

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