Our African Child Initiative is currently focusing on a local community-based project in Uganda. This project supports almost 1,000 of Uganda's most vulnerable children across three different facilities in Nansana, Namayumba, and Kiboga. Most of these children have lost one or both parents to disease, poverty, or conflict, relying on this project to receive not only basic life necessities, but also education, training, care, and nuturing. Your donations go directly to these children and will provide critical support, supplies, and -- most importantly -- hope for a better life.


A.C.I.'s first fundraising campaign was a success thanks to the generosity and support of our donors! We have been able to secure and complete the purchase of 10 acres of land in the Namayumba district near Kampala. The children have been hard at work clearing the land, tilling the soil, and planting crops. Being able to grow their own food to support almost 1,000 orphans is a truly amazing blessing. This is such a positive move forward to help them achieve some level of self-reliance and self sufficiency and will truly make a difference in the lives of these children. Your support will help ensure these children are able to continue cultivating this land.


Education, education, education! In the US, we all know how absolutely critical an education is to our children. It is just assumed, expected, and required for our kids to go to school. And it is freely provided. We see many organizations talk about the importance of education and many educational outreach projects for third-world countries or conflict areas. Well in Uganda, it is not free and getting an education is a rarity for many children. 

Students at certain grade levels must pay registration fees to the Uganda National Examination Board so they can sit for final examinations to show they have masterd the subject matter and can progress to the next grade level. By supporting We Can Save Children, you are directly contributing to their chance at a better life and hope for their future. Registraiton fees, supplies, and scholastic materials are needed for these children to receive an education. Partner with us to keep our African Child initiative moving forward with giving the gift of education to these children. 

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